Dear Parents,

Welcome to Sacred Heart Preschool. We are happy you have taken this opportunity to partner with us in your child’s educational development and we look forward to caring for your child in a safe and loving environment.

The following handbook will give you information about this preschool and our policies. Please take the time to read the handbook and contact your child's teacher if you have any questions. We are committed to providing you and your child with the highest quality care possible.

Welcome to our Sacred Heart Family,
Mrs. Linda A. Simpson


Admission is based upon the date the registration fee is received. Children must meet their home school district’s “cut off” date for admission to the appropriate class. The school accepts children regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, or disability.


Registration for the next school year begins in February. Parents will be asked to complete the registration form and return it with a non-refundable registration fee. Registration is on a first come, first served basis. However, currently enrolled students are given priority over new students.

Fees & Payments for the 2019–20 School Year

Program Fees

  • Tuesday/Thursday class for 3-year-olds: $150/month

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday for 4-year-olds: $160/month

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday Pre-K class: $165/month

  • Weekly Reader/Scholastic News: $10/year (4's and Pre-K students, only)

Fun Add-ons (optional)

4-Year-Old Graduation (optional participation)

  • 4-year-old graduation: approximately $30/student


Children are to be brought to the classroom not more than five minutes before the scheduled start of class, and must be picked up promptly at the end of class. Children will only be released to a parent or other adult listed on the emergency card. Any changes (daily or weekly) in a child’s transportation provider must be made in writing.

Parent Communication and Participation

Parents are a vital element to the success of the preschool. With your input and involvement we can care for your child in the best possible way. We are interested in working with parents to promote a quality preschool. 

Parents are invited to participate with the preschool in a variety of ways including direct care giving, sharing special interest or skills, and chaperoning field trips.

Field Trips

Field trips are an integral part of the preschool experience. These are optional activities for all families. Field trip dates and times will be posted in advance. Parents or caregivers will need to provide transportation and must accompany their child during the trip. Field trip permission forms will need to be completed for each trip. On field trip days, the preschool will be closed.

Snack Time

Snack time is scheduled in all 3-year-old classes. Parents are asked to volunteer to provide snacks. The inclusion of snack time in all other classes is at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

Birthday SnackS

We love to celebrate birthdays at preschool. Some possible snack choices are decorated cookies/brownies, ice cream, or popsicles. Please no cupcakes or birthday cakes!!


Although most preschoolers are potty-trained, we realize that some children may need more time to be fully independent. The preschool staff will assist children with closures (buttons, snaps, etc.) during bathroom time. The staff will not assist children in cleaning up (wiping) after using the toilet. The staff will "coach" a child through a change of clothing, if an accident should occur, but will not clean the child. A parent or designated adult will be called should a child need assistance in cleaning up after a bathroom accident.

Book Orders

Each class will have the opportunity to order books and computer software through the Scholastic Book Club. All books are discounted and no tax or shipping is charged. The preschool earns a free book for each book ordered online.  

Scholastic book orders can be submitted online.

Below is the information you need to order Scholastic Books online. 

  1. SIGN UP at

  2. On the parent page, click the "Don't have a Username and password?" link, then register for your own username and password.

  3. When prompted, enter the one-time Class Activation Code: GMKXT.

  4. SELECT the books you'd like to order. Take advantage of online-only specials and discounts.

  5. SEND your order in online by the due date. Books will be delivered directly to our classroom.