At Sacred Heart Preschool, we encourage each child to develop a curiosity about the world, and to take pleasure in learning and exploring...


Our Mission

Learning begins from the first day of life. Our purpose is to provide each child with a stimulating environment that will encourage this process and meet the developmental needs of the whole child. 

Our goals focus on the physical, cognitive, and spiritual well being of the children in our program. We are concerned not only with the health and safety of the children, but also with the development of a positive self-image.

Through our program, we encourage each child to develop:

  • A sense of belonging
  • The capacity to trust people and feel secure with others when away from home
  • A curiosity about the world, to take pleasure in learning and exploring by promoting sensory awareness through the many gifts, talents, and abilities that God has provided 
  • Independence
  • A positive sense of oneself and sense of control over one's own behavior
  • An ability to comprehend language and events and to express one's self