School schedule changes due to weather will be announced as follows:

  1. The Sacred Heart Preschool Facebook page

  2. WGAL, listed as “Sacred Heart”

  3. An announcement banner will be running across the Sacred Heart SCHOOL webpage: (Please note that weather updates will NOT be posted on our preschool website, as we do not manage it in-house and therefore do not have direct, immediate access to make changes.)

SCHOOL DELAYS will be posted on all three of the above sources. Sometimes the teacher may email you as an extra means of notification, but do NOT assume that as standard procedure; always check the other sources.

EARLY DISMISSALS Occasionally extreme weather hits when the children are already in school. In this situation, the announcement will be posted on the above places, and we will also make personal phone calls to the families whose children are currently in our care.

2-hr delay: AM 11:00-12:30; PM. 1-2:30; Pre-K 11:00-1:00
1-hr delay: AM 10:00-11:30; PM 12-2:30

FUN ADD-ON CLASSES are CANCELLED if Sacred Heart School has a delay.