fun add-on OPTIONS

“Fun Add-on” programs are a sign up by the day add-on option for children in the 4-year-old and PreK classes. They will generally be offered twice a week. On M-W-F, this means that your child can stay in school for a total of 5 hours, including their regular class + lunch + fun add-on class. Sometimes, a Fun Add-on class will be offered on a Tuesday morning, giving your child the option of an extra school day. The schedule of  Fun Add-on offerings will be published monthly.

Registration Procedures

  • Your child must be signed-up ahead of time.

  • The fee is $15 per child per Fun Add-on session. This must be paid PRIOR to the start of the session.

  • At least 6 children must be signed up for a class to run. That decision will be made the class day prior. At that point, materials are purchased and a teacher is committed. Any student on the list at that time is obligated to pay for the session; there are no credits given for students who do not show up. 

  • Whether the child is coming for the morning or afternoon session, the adult who drops the child off must do three things:

  • Check-in with Mrs. London to verify “Fun Add-on” payment.

  • Clip your child’s lunch choice on the lunch easel (clip his/her name on “packed lunch” or the chosen buying option).

  • Place lunch money ($3 cash in an envelope, labeled with your child’s name) in the “lunch” box next to the “tuition” box on the hallway table—or place packed lunch in the appropriate lunch tub.

Payment Options

  • Submit a $15 check for one class, submitted PRIOR to the beginning of that class.

  • Discount Punch Card: $150 check for an 11-class punch card, which will remain at the preschool. The punch card represents 10 paid classes + 1 free class.

    • Please note: All “Fun Add-on” payments must be SEPARATE from tuition payments. We prefer payment via check. Cash payments can only be accepted in a labeled envelope and must be for the exact amount.

Lunch Options for M-W-F Fun Add-on Programs:

  • Packed Lunch: Pack a healthy lunch for your child, including drink and napkin or

  • Purchase School Lunch: Send exactly $3 CASH in an envelope with your child’s name. You may choose to pay ahead for multiple lunches as long the amount given is an even multiple of 3 and your intent is clearly indicated on the envelope.

    • Menus may be found on the Sacred Heart school website

    • You may choose the daily main menu, hot dog, PB&J, or grilled cheese.

  • Buy Milk Only: If you choose to pack your child’s lunch, it is also an option to send in 50 cents for milk from the cafeteria. Please note: We do not have change!