The school encourages each child to explore the world around them by exposing him/her to a variety of experiences and mediums that help to develop emotional, social, cognitive, spiritual, gross, and fine motor skills.

  • Music is used throughout the program for enjoyment, as well as to increase listening and following directions skills. 
  • Children explore the realm of science by studying the weather, learning how plants and animals grow, and how the world around us moves.
  • By developing an understanding of community helpers, his/her family, and friendships, each child begins to grow in their awareness of the world around them.
  • Activities in math help each child to count and recognize numbers, shapes, and sizes.
  • Language Arts includes dramatic play, storytelling, puppets, rhymes, fingerplays, expressing thoughts and feelings, and recognizing letters/sounds.
  • Various art materials are used to encourage creativity and the development of fine motor skills, including development of writing skills and color recognition.