Awesome preschool program! Two children went through the program and we could not be happier with the caring teachers, quality education and the wonderful activities that will be long remembered!
— M. DeStefano, Former Parent

"Not all children can be taught in the same way. Teachers need to cater to the different needs and learning styles of each child. I know that Mrs. Simpson and her staff are able to successfully educate all types of students with all types of needs. I have seen this myself. One of the ways Mrs. Simpson does this is by really getting to know each child. She also builds great relationships with the parents and works well with professionals, like me, who are part of a team to help the child."

- A. Lavelle, Behavior Specialist Consultant/Mobile Therapist

Children in Mrs. Simpson’s preschool programs are prepared for kindergarten socially, emotionally, physically, and academically. Some children leave for kindergarten being able to read! This engagement and growth of students caused our family to enroll our son in her preschool program. Upon graduating from her preschool, my son entered kindergarten ready to the expectations and rigors of the public and private school systems.
— K. Walker, Preschool Special Education Teacher and Former Parent

"We have moved several times from Lancaster to New York, to Maryland, and back to Lancaster; nothing compared to Mrs. Simpson's program! The effort and love that Linda Simpson and the other teachers at her school put into making this curriculum and program enriching both educationally and socially for children of all stages of preschool development is outstanding!"

- L. Saurbaugh, Current Parent